Surfaces and Interfaces Award 2009 winner

2009 Surfaces and Interfaces Award winner Graham Hutchings
Graham Hutchings
Cardiff University

Awarded for his innovative design and characterisation of new solid-state and nanoparticle catalysts.

About the winner

Graham Hutchings is currently Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute at Cardiff University. 

He was educated at University College London where he carried out a PhD in biological chemistry under the supervision of Professor Charles Vernon. He subsequently changed his research field and has had an interest in the discovery and design of heterogeneous catalysts since being introduced to the topic during his early career in industry, in ICI at Teesside from 1975-1981, where he held posts in both research and production. Subsequently, he was seconded by ICI to AECI, South Africa, where he made his initial discoveries concerning catalysis with gold. 

He moved to academia in 1984, has held chairs in the University of Witwatersrand and the University of Liverpool before moving to Cardiff in 1997 as Head of School from 1997-2006.

His main research interest is the study of catalysts for oxidation, using both oxides and supported metal nanoparticles and the design of heterogeneous catalysts for enantioselective reactions.

In particular, he has designed catalysts for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide based on supported gold-palladium nanoparticles, and enantioselective catalysts based on zeolite-immobilised complexes.

He has published over 500 research papers, reviews and patents and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2009.

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