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A-levels results show chemistry on the rise

Today is the day that thousands of pupils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland find out how they performed in their A-level exams. Here's our analysis of the figures and trends in this year’s results.

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Elements in danger

Today we launch a new campaign to raise awareness of rare elements in our technology, and the need to conserve them before it's too late.

Pollen could be the key to tackling antibiotic resistance

Scientists have found that the natural properties found in pollen shells could help develop new techniques to tackle antibiotic resistance, by effectively giving light-sensitive antibiotics, found in the deep-sea, a protective sunscreen.

Olympiad success for UK students

A team of A-level students from the UK have each brought home a medal from the 51st International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), which took place in Paris in July.

Nanoscale research aims to Scotch fake whisky

A paper published today in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Nanoscale, shows how an artificial ‘tongue’ – which can taste subtle differences between drams of whisky – could help cut down on the trade in counterfeit alcohol.

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