Organometallic Award 2013 Winner

Dr John Gladysz
Dr John Gladysz
Texas A&M University

For his diverse and creative contributions to synthetic inorganic chemistry, including new forms of coordinated carbon, metal-based molecular devices, fluorine-rich catalysts, and chiral metal complexes.

About the Winner

John A Gladysz is a native of the Kalamazoo, Michigan area, and obtained his BS and PhD degrees from the University of Michigan (1971) and Stanford University (1974).  He subsequently held appointments at UCLA (Assistant Professor, 1974-1982) and the University of Utah (Associate Professor and Professor, 1982-1998).  He then accepted the Chair of Organic Chemistry at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany).  Since 2007, he has held the Dow Chair in Chemical Invention at Texas A&M University, where he is Distinguished Professor of Chemistry.

Dr Gladysz has been a fellow of the Alfred P Sloan Foundation (1980-1984) and a Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Grant recipient (1980-1985).  He received an Arthur C Cope Scholar Award in 1988, the University of Utah Distinguished Research Award in 1992, the ACS Award in Organometallic Chemistry in 1994, a von Humboldt Foundation Research Award for Senior Scientists in 1995, and the International Fluorous Technologies Award in 2007.  He was elected as a Fellow of the American Chemical Society in the inaugural year, 2009. In 2013, he received the Texas A&M Distinguished Achievement Award in Research.

From June 1984 through July 2010, Dr Gladysz served as the Associate Editor of Chemical Reviews. He then succeeded Dietmar Seyferth as the Editor in Chief of Organometallics. 

Gladysz has authored over 400 papers and patents, and his research spans a wide range of problems in the general areas of synthetic and mechanistic organometallic chemistry, and catalysis. He is married to Janet Blümel, a Professor of Chemistry at Texas A&M who specializes in inorganic chemistry, supported catalysts, and solid state NMR spectroscopy.

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