Please select a Technician Travel and Training Grant option:

  1. Participation in an online activity, up to £800
  2. Participation in a domestic activity, up to £1,200
  3. Participation in an activity within the continent of residence, up to £1,800
  4. Participation in an activity outside the continent of residence, up to £2,000


Details of applicant

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Details of proposed activity

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Enter a date in the DD/MM/YYYY format.

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  • Would you be attending as a delegate or would you present a poster?
  • Are there workshops you would like to attend?
  • Is the event particularly related to developments in your field?
  • Would you be learning about a new technique or process?
  • How do you anticipate the activity will support your professional development?
  • What knowledge or skills will you gain or develop?
  • What could the impact be?

Outline of expenses

Please give a breakdown of the estimated expenses that you will use the grant to pay for. Please refer to our expenses policy before completing this part.

For example: registration fees, transport, accommodation, administrative costs, day-to-day expenses including food and travel. Please reference where you found these estimates, for example:

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