February 2008

Against the grain

Biofuel: milestone must not become a millstone

27 February 2008

Claims and counter-claims about biofuels, made in the race to acquire green credentials, risk confusing the public

Chemistry pupil

Chemistry surge at public school is an example of what can be achieved

22 February 2008

A dramatic rise in the popularity of chemistry at a prominent English public school sets an example to the rest of the country

Petri dish

Aberdeen chemistry researchers in MRSA discovery

18 February 2008

A protein released from the immune system binds essential metals to combat infection from super-bug MRSA

Kissing couple

The RSC guide to love and Valentine's

11 February 2008

A Chemistry World story on the chemistry of love resurfaces

School laboratory

Government should hope for a summer surge to keep its promise on science teachers

08 February 2008

Fall in the numbers of graduates applying to train to become chemistry teachers