Finding the right match

ChemSci Pick of the Week (VIDEO) – Researchers in China have developed a cyclic peptide that selectively targets cysteines within a protein structure.

From killer to cure

ChemSci Pick of the Week (INFOGRAPHIC) – A new potential treatment for an aggressive type of breast cancer takes inspiration from a dangerous virus.

Molecular electronics

ChemSci Pick of the Week (VIDEO) – An unusual class of molecules could revolutionise the electronics industry.

A light bulb moment

ChemSci Pick of the Week (INFOGRAPHIC) – Professor Zhengtao Deng and his team from Nanjing University in China have developed a new photoluminescent material that could be used to make more efficient and environmentally friendly LEDs.

Decreasing our reliance on precious metals

ChemSci Pick of the Week (INFOGRAPHIC) – The first example of an insertion of carbon monoxide into a bismuth–nitrogen bond could pave the way to using heavy p-block metals in place of transition metals in chemical synthesis.

Prosthetic proteins

We’re familiar with the idea of prosthetic limbs, but what about prosthetic protein components?

From food to fuel

ChemSci Pick of the Week – Controlled energy release is essential for turning food and fuel into energy. Enzymes are responsible for this process in living organisms, but what makes them work?

In a class of their own

ChemSci Pick of the Week – A team of scientists in France and Croatia have developed an organic catalyst that enables the synthesis of a new class of molecules.

Fuel from sunlight

ChemSci Pick of the Week (VIDEO) – A new catalyst performs 'artificial photosynthesis' with increased efficiency – converting sunlight to hydrogen fuel, and bringing us one step closer to large-scale use of renewable energy.

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