Starter for TEM

Today’s ChemSci Pick of the Week begins to look at how transmission electron microscopy works – and how to improve its capability.

Unusual lanthanide complex

ChemSciPick (VIDEO) – A team of scientists have produced an unusual bent lanthanide complex, which could one day have applications in the field of data storage.

Fighting cystic fibrosis

Our ChemSci Pick of the Week marks an important step towards a new therapy addressing the fundamental cause of cystic fibrosis.

Manipulating enzymes using molecular scaffolding

Our ChemSci Pick of the Week describes a new way to use “molecular scaffolding” to manipulate enzymatic reactions, which could be used for efficient industrial processes.

Visualising chemical reactions

ChemSci Pick of the Week – A new study from Cardiff and Bristol universities makes it possible to visualise chemical reactions involving small molecules, using software.

Improved screening of small molecules

Our ChemSci Pick of the Week demonstrates a more efficient way to turn hydrocarbon feedstock compounds into valuable fine chemicals. This could be used for the synthesis of a variety of natural products or pharmaceutically relevant compounds, and help overcome a drug discovery bottleneck.

All about that base

Our ChemSci pick of the week introduces the most powerful class of non-ionic carbon “superbases” to date, which could offer new reaction pathways.

Recognising outstanding papers

Our Horizons journals outstanding papers showcase an amazing range of high-impact research, from understanding the 'language' of cells in the body, to developing synthetic substitutes for natural materials.

Coaching catalysis

Our ChemSci Pick of the Week uses chiral cages to guide the formation of non-covalent molecular complexes, working in a similar way to enzymes in nature.

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