Expanding medicinal chemistry into 3D space

(INFOGRAPHIC) A novel metallofragment (mF) library is designed, synthesized, and characterized. 77% of the library is populating the 3D region with a diversity which exhibits a broad range of biological responses.

Harvesting light

(INFOGRAPHIC) In this week's ChemSciPick, we discover how dark states of organic LED molecules can be converted to bright states, significantly increasing the yield of light emitted.

Seeing cancer cells in live mice

(VIDEO) Scientists develop a technique to image cancer-specific RNA cells in a living mouse, which could help improve early cancer diagnosis, increase our understanding of tumour biology, and pave the way for developing new cancer therapies.

Switching photocatalytic properties with light intensity

ChemSci Pick of the Week (INFOGRAPHIC) – Inspired by photosynthesis, photocatalysts are activated by light irradiation and can be used for different reactions, but they need to be optimized for every photoreaction. Find out how scientists are working to make this process easier.

Starter for TEM

Today’s ChemSci Pick of the Week begins to look at how transmission electron microscopy works – and how to improve its capability.

Unusual lanthanide complex

ChemSciPick (VIDEO) – A team of scientists have produced an unusual bent lanthanide complex, which could one day have applications in the field of data storage.

Fighting cystic fibrosis

Our ChemSci Pick of the Week marks an important step towards a new therapy addressing the fundamental cause of cystic fibrosis.

Manipulating enzymes using molecular scaffolding

Our ChemSci Pick of the Week describes a new way to use “molecular scaffolding” to manipulate enzymatic reactions, which could be used for efficient industrial processes.

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