Inspiring teaching

When Kristen Gringeri took up a teacher training scholarship in 2013, she had no idea that within five years she would be an assistant principal, and would play a key role in turning around a failing school.

A bright future for Chemical Science

Professor Andrew Cooper is the new editor-in-chief of our flagship journal Chemical Science. We caught up with him at the journal’s first ever symposium.

Proactively promoting science

Rebecca Ballantyne, who recently became a chartered chemist, speaks to us about how the process opened doors for her, challenging her in new ways and allowing her to use her chemistry background to give back to the community.

Blazing a trail

We caught up with Tonicha Roberts, former apprentice and now Forensic Reporting Scientist at Eurofins, who this year competed in the very first Laboratory Technician stream of the prestigious WorldSkills competition.

Journey of discovery

Dmitri Mendeleev is known as the father of the periodic table, but his interests were wide-ranging and sometimes eccentric. We take a look at his varied and often tumultuous life.

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