July 2008

Molecules of Murder by John Emsley

Murderer Crippen reunited with victim

30 July 2008

London launch of poisons book

Carbon dioxide

Get real on 'climate catastrophe', chemists tell Government

24 July 2008

The Government needs to abandon the weak and inappropriate expression 'global warming'


High Court judgement makes a scapegoat of chemistry

24 July 2008

The RSC chief executive has criticised a High Court ruling that bans a 'suspected terrorist' in the UK from studying chemistry

School laboratory

Further evidence of poor school building

21 July 2008

'Guidelines for school science laboratories' highlights a lack of consultation with science staff in the design process for laboratories

shower head

British guiltiest in survey of Western European shower habits

14 July 2008

Royal Society of Chemistry says it's wrong to shower for more than two minutes

Dr Richard Pike

Richard Pike plays the odds on Today

14 July 2008

The RSC chief executive demonstrates with dice on the Today programme how oil reserves are being miscalculated

Female at a computer

RSC 5-Decade Exam Challenge winners announced

10 July 2008

The winner and runners-up of the pioneering multi-decade contest are announced

tiny hook holding DNA strand

DNA sewing machine

10 July 2008

A micro-sized sewing machine can sew long threads of DNA into shape

Female at a computer

Science pupils couldn't handle O-level questions in online challenge

09 July 2008

1960s O' level chemistry questions are much tougher than GCSE questions used today