May 2008

man reading newspaper

RSC views are valued

29 May 2008

The UK media is increasingly seeking the views of the RSC on important issues

Mohammed Hassan

Pan Africa Chemistry Network launch: speakers

29 May 2008

The Network has been launched in Kenya, from which the first hub will operate

The European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences

Chemists will help meet European energy targets, says Richard Pike

27 May 2008

The recently published EuCheMS report "Chemistry and Energy" tells how chemists can address energy challenges


Kenyan launch of Chemistry Network for Africa

23 May 2008

The Royal Society of Chemistry and Syngenta are launching the Pan Africa Chemistry Network on May 27 to support future economic development of the continent.

Turn-off quenching of polymer luminescence by TNT

Super-sensitive spray-on explosive detector makes great television

23 May 2008

Just a billionth of a gram of explosive treated with this spray glows under UV light - perfect for CSI: Miami.

Welsh Assembly building from the outside

Welsh science to provide holistic view of science and the environment

20 May 2008

Scientists from around Wales gather to discuss the future of chemistry and our environment

Dr Richard Pike

Richard Pike joins biofuels expert panel on BBC World Service

15 May 2008

RSC CEO Richard Pike appears on Discovery programme discussing the future of biofuels and sustainable energy

Laptop on a pile of books

Five-decade exam challenge is set on-line for UK pupils

27 May 2008

The RSC is to run a unique examination to see how ready today's 16-year-olds are to address the science-based issues facing the world

mortarboard on a pile of textbooks

Emperor's new clothes for education

09 May 2008

The emerging framework for UK education risks leaving the economy unable to compete effectively

Bottles of tabasco sauce

Chemists measure chilli sauce hotness with nanotubes

08 May 2008

Subjective industry standard of taste-testers could be made defunct by sensitive electrochemical technique

Headshot of Stephen Colbert

RSC features prominently on US national TV

01 May 2008

An RSC article on biofuels is highlighted on the satirical "Colbert Report"