November 2008

10 Downing Street

Downing Street petition demands reversal of catastrophic decline in school science exam standards

27 November 2008

The RSC takes its evidence of sliding standards to the Prime Minister

Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland

RSC chief executive meets Scotland's First Minister

19 November 2008

Richard Pike and Alex Salmond discuss energy and environmental matters

Nathan Brown, winner of RSC 5-Decade Exam Challenge

Winners of 5-Decade Exam Challenge honoured by RSC

19 November 2008

Richard Pike presented awards to the first- and second-placed winners of the RSC's national chemistry challenge


Garlic chemical tablet treats diabetes I and II

19 November 2008

A report in the new journal Metallomics says an oral drug based on garlic reduces blood glucose in diabetics

Richard Pike with Toryn Dalton, 5-Decade Exam Challenge top 10 student

Richard Pike rewards 5-Decade Exam Challenge excellence in Bolton

18 November 2008

Toryn Dalton ranked in the top 10 from 1300 in the RSC's national chemistry challenge


UK fingerprint developer can read a letter from its envelope

10 November 2008

A serendipitous discovery exposes two new uses for a conducting polymer

Casualty from a mustard gas attack

Discovery reveals WWI government ignored mustard gas warning

05 November 2008

A document sent to the RSC shows politicians ignored advice of chemists

Two glass bottles containing colourless chemicals

Ignorance of REACH deadline will put many outside the law

03 November 2008

Keep your business or education establishment legal with the RSC's easy-to-follow guidelines