October 2008

Product label which reads 100% chemical free

1,000,000 for 100% chemical free material?

30 October 2008

Today the RSC reclaims the word "chemical" from the advertising and marketing industries.

Higher Education minister David Lammy holding a fuming test tube

Higher Education minister gets to grips with chemistry

22 October 2008

David Lammy MP attends a chemistry floor show put on by the RSC and University College London

A Mini Cooper from the 1969 film The Italian Job

Italian Job cliff-hanger solution sought

20 October 2008

Save the famous $4m bus-load of element 79 - gold - and win a weekend in Turin

An eggbeater converted to separate plasma from blood

$2 egg-beater could save lives in developing countries

15 October 2008

An egg beater could provide diagnosis plasma and replace expensive centrifuges

Richard Pike

Richard Pike awards Croydon pupils for 5-Decade Exam Challenge excellence

13 October 2008

RSC Chief Executive visits the Trinity School in Croydon to congratulate their best chemists


Integrative Biology board member Roger Tsien wins Nobel Prize

08 October 2008

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to Roger Tsien, a member of the editorial board for RSC's Integrative Biology

Climate Change

Climate catastrophe: schools to get true picture from RSC

01 October 2008

The RSC is sending schools materials on climate change to address lack of awareness