December 2007

Fast moving car on motorway at night time

Don't let luxury carmakers stall important legislation

21 December 2007

The Financial Times features a letter from Richard Pike on concerns over resistance to cut carbon dioxide emissions

Bai Chunli

China's leading chemical scientist receives RSC honour

20 December 2007

One of China's top chemists, Prof. Bai Chunli, is honoured by the RSC for his innovative research in chemistry


Cranberry: is it a sauce of help to fight cancer?

18 December 2007

Cranberry sauce on your Christmas plate may have the power to assist in treatment for ovarian cancer


Major RSC water report calls for higher quality

10 December 2007

The RSC launches a major report into the UK's water supply

Dr Richard Pike

Guardian features RSC Chief Executive's Views

04 December 2007

Dr Richard Pike expresses concerns and his views about the fall in UK position in the league for science teaching