June 2007

Big Ben

Outgoing and incoming Prime Ministers speak up for UK science this morning

26 June 2007

Two hundred visitors attend an RSC event at the House of Commons today

Global warming

Fans will wave over hot topic in House of Commons event

25 June 2007

Two hundred visitors will be given coloured paper hand fans to underline the hotter times ahead

Strawberry in Champagne

Strawberry-Champagne good for health, says science

22 June 2007

Chemistry reveals the strawberry has anti-disease properties


RSC award goes to Organon for groundbreaking work

20 June 2007

The new anaesthesia drug will rapidly reverse the effects of certain muscle relaxants

Gordon Brown

French President can teach British something about decisiveness on energy

18 June 2007

Can Brown scrub out black mark for White Paper?

Oil Pump

Mistaken world oil reserves estimate will undermine carbon dioxide actions

15 June 2007

A miscalculation will lead to complacency and inaction

Chemistry Students

Cool Chemistry Conference

13 June 2007

RSC-led initiative promotes the excitement of chemical sciences to students

Dalton's home in Eaglesfield near Cockermouth

RSC honours memory of Cumbrian scientist who produced the world-changing Atomic Theory

08 June 2007

The achievements of the scientist John Dalton have been commemorated

RSS feeds and Project Prospect

Another publishing first from the RSC

05 June 2007

RSC Publishing has become the first ever publisher to enhance RSS feeds