March 2007

Dr Richard Pike

RSC gives budget cautious welcome

22 March 2007

RSC chief executive Dr Richard Pike has cautiously welcomed this year's budget proposals on science

Picture of part of gut affected by coeliac disease

Gut feeling for antibody detection

22 March 2007

A protein-coated gold electrode to test people for gluten intolerance has been devised by German scientists.

A snail

Snail slime substitutes

22 March 2007

A team of engineers have set a small robot climbing walls in order to compare how natural and artificial snail slimes work.

False-colour map representing the Earth's carbon metabolism

Is solar UV frying fish?

20 March 2007

Marine and freshwater organisms could be facing damage due to increasing levels of ultraviolet radiation, according to a United Nations commissioned review.

A paper-like polymer based rechargeable battery

Flexible battery power

19 March 2007

A paper-like, polymer based rechargeable battery has been made by Japanese scientists.

A landfill site

The lethal remains of the tin man...

16 March 2007

A method for monitoring highly poisonous tin compounds originating from landfill sites has been developed by French scientists.

A mannequin outside the House of Commons

Mannequins give symbolic protest to funding cuts

15 March 2007

About 1,000 scientific research jobs will be lost this year in the UK because the government is snatching funding from science

A sedge warbler

Metal in feathers could provide bird flu clues

15 March 2007

Differing strontium isotope ratios in bird feathers could predict their migration patterns and the arrival of avian carried diseases such as bird flu


Hidden fingerprints revealed

14 March 2007

Hidden fingerprints can now be revealed quickly and reliably thanks to two developments in nanotechnology.

Malcolm Wicks, Science Minister

Young scientists and science minister meet at Voice of the Future event

13 March 2007

More than 200 young scientists have met science minister Malcolm Wicks and members of the Science and Technology Select Committee

Lord Sainsbury

Lord Sainsbury one of three politicians honoured by RSC

12 March 2007

Lord Sainsbury, Baroness Platt of Writtle and conservative MP Robert Key have all been honoured by the RSC.

Dr Richard Pike

Petrol problems

02 March 2007

The RSC chief executive Richard Pike was interviewed by, and featured in, national news programmes and newspapers on the issue of petrol contamination

Sir Laurence Olivier Awards Statue

RSC stage-fright prize will honour Olivier in centenary year

02 March 2007

As a tribute to Sir Laurence Olivier, the RSC is offering a prize for the most harrowing case of stage-fright in the UK

Boris Johnson MP

Boris Johnson visits the Royal Society of Chemistry

02 March 2007

Politician and journalist Boris Johnson visited the Royal Society of Chemistry at its London offices to get to know the world of UK chemical sciences