November 2007

Dr Dave Lawrence with RSC Blue Plaque

Tribute to Berkshire research centre

27 November 2007

The RSC has paid tribute to Syngenta Jealott's Hill International Research Centre


RSC and Syngenta launch African science initiative

21 November 2007

The new network will connect African chemists more effectively

mortarboard on a pile of textbooks

New formula for a science degree

20 November 2007

A new scheme is providing a more flexible route to a science degree with the Open University

1.16m black cube outside Burlington House

Carbon criminals reveal our carbon footprint

15 November 2007

The RSC builds a giant black cube representing the three tons of carbon that each person adds to the atmosphere

Fast moving car on motorway at night time

Minister has put drive for carbon emissions into sudden reverse

02 November 2007

But the battle against carbon needs to be moving in the fast lane

Carbon molecule on the streets of London

RSC report on fuel and emissions is launched in model way

01 November 2007

The UK will fail to meet emissions obligations unless new standards are achieved