March 2008

Man wearing protective suit

Cleaning up after nerve agents

31 March 2008

Destruction of nerve agents through a simple chemical reaction could help remove chemical weapon stockpiles and clean contaminated materials

petrol pump and corn

Land equivalent to 30 football pitches needed for one biofuel flight to New York

27 March 2008

Clear debate and sound legislation needed to answer the challenges ahead


RSC speaks out on laser programme cuts

26 March 2008

The RSC expressed deep concern about plans to reduce availability of lasers


Ionic liquid thermometers are better, quicker and safer

26 March 2008

Poisonous mercury replaced with safe ionic liquid by scientists from Europe, US

Stem cells image

Human embryology and fertilisation bill

25 March 2008

The science behind this debate must be clearly presented

Humphry Davy

New Light Shed on French Wartime Honour for British Chemist

14 March 2008

By Sam Marsden, Press Association

Pound coins

Changes to EPSRC funding

13 March 2008

Funding for outstanding basic research must be maintained

Glasses of milk

Arsenic in rice milk exceeds EU and US drinking water standards

13 March 2008

Commercial rice milk contains levels of arsenic up to three times higher than EU and US drinking water standards

Big Ben

Scientists of the future have their voices heard in Parliament

12 March 2008

Young scientists had the opportunity to put probing questions of their choice to a panel of MPs

Dr Richard Pike

More cash needs to be committed to science

07 March 2008

RSC Chief Executive, Richard Pike, responds to new higher education funding announcements