January 2008

Flasks of chemicals

Victory in the name of science

25 January 2008

New committee will have all-important word in its title

Chemistry Students

RSC welcomes 140 million funding for science teaching

25 January 2008

RSC hopes increases in funds will improve school laboratories

Big Ben

RSC has voice in Parliament

16 January 2008

RSC quoted in House of Commons

Carbon storage in the North Sea

Action on capturing and storing carbon must be at the top of agenda

11 January 2008

The RSC warns that the Government's decision on nuclear power plants must not obscure the effects of fossil fuel consumption


Funding cuts: is chemistry exempted or not?

09 January 2008

Royal Society of Chemistry seeks clarification of minister's remarks

Power station

Nuclear future or not, Britain needs to produce good scientists for energy solutions

08 January 2008

Action to fund energy-related science, nuclear or otherwise, is required urgently

Dr Richard Pike

Government has failed to act on its promise

02 January 2008

RSC chief executive to talks about the RSC assertion that the Government has failed to act on its promise made in 2006