January 2009

Light bulb

Reward offered for oldest working light bulb in a British home

30 January 2009

Celebrating achievements of the Sunderland-born scientist who publicly demonstrated the light bulb 130 years ago

Indian flag in globe

RSC and Shell Global Solutions support chemistry in India

27 January 2009

Chemistry Leadership Network India is launched

A Mini Cooper from the 1969 film The Italian Job

Gold saved!

Italian Job competition winning solution announced


UK should value good science as Obama administration does

20 January 2009

Embracing new technologies based on good science is key to food sustainability, a new RSC report says

Oliver holding dish

Oliver Twist gruel recreated

13 January 2009

Gruel served to public on Piccadilly

Cartoon of man clubbing dinosaur over head

TV educational advert portraying men hunting dinosaurs is Darwinian gaffe

08 January 2009

Government anti-obesity advert brings inauspicious start to Darwin Year