June 2009

10 Downing Street

Government communication failure threatens resolution to science standards problem

30 June 2009

Number 10 response to RSC petition glosses over standards issues


Chinese school examination papers online to encourage science standards debate

19 June 2009

Chinese chemistry paper is more interesting and demanding than our own GCSE papers, says RSC Chief Executive

Pirate's peg leg

Turning wood into bone: peg-leg science

16 June 2009

Italian chemists show that ordinary wood can be turned into bone suitable for repairing damaged limbs

Big Ben

Scientists and engineers urge government to establish select committee

12 June 2009

A letter signed by a group of science chief executives has been sent to the Leader of the House of Commons, Harriet Harman

School laboratory

UK chemistry research gets a strong endorsement from international review panel

12 June 2009

Chemistry research in the UK is "world class and world-leading in many fields", says report

Ionic liquids

Leicestershire pilot plant will develop greener solvents

01 June 2009

A new scheme seeks to find safer, more tuneable alternatives to harsh acidic industrial solvents