March 2009


Ofqual report on science standards

27 March 2009

New report concurs with RSC's stance on erosion of science exam standards

Tea being poured into cup

Fresh pot of tea strikes anti-cancer gold

24 March 2009

Scientists might one day brew up a cancer treatment in their afternoon cuppa

Storm cloud over city

Chemical scientists central to avoiding the perfect storm

24 March 2009

Chemistry must be at the core of scientific efforts to ensure humankind's welfare in the coming two decades


Royal Society of Chemistry concerns about EPSRC research funding

20 March 2009

The Royal Society of Chemistry is concerned about introduction of EPSRC new measures.

Sketch of starving child

Village will commemorate the family it allowed to starve to death

12 March 2009

The RSC has persuaded the village of Datchworth to remember a starved family

Big Ben

Next-generation science presented at House of Commons

09 March 2009

Early-career science researchers display their work at SET for Britain event

Lord Robert May of Oxford

Lord May delivers inaugural Lord Lewis Prize lecture

09 March 2009

Lord May of Oxford is the first recipient of the distinguished RSC prize for science policy

Dr Richard Pike

RSC call for political framework to counter climate change

04 March 2009

The same decisive action taken to save the banks should be taken to save the planet