May 2009


All steamed up: reboil or refill your kettle?

27 May 2009

The RSC is seeking the scientific truth behind all the myths about reboiled water

Electric car

Electric shock to subsidy for dream cars

20 May 2009

The myth of the electric car is exploded by the RSC in a piece featured in the influential journal 'Research Fortnight'

Books for Africa

Textbooks for Africa

The University of Leeds and the RSC's Pan Africa Chemistry Network embark upon an epic journey of sharing chemistry

Map of Africa

RSC Fellow comments on toxic dumping scandal

14 May 2009

Toxicologist Dr John Hoskins speaks to the BBC

Spitfire aeroplane

The secret fuel that made the Spitfire supreme

13 May 2009

A claim made seven decades after the fighter soared into legend

Richard Pike

Richard Pike contribution towards feature in today's Guardian

12 May 2009

RSC Chief Executive's 'big idea' about school science education

ChemSpider logo

RSC acquires ChemSpider

11 May 2009

ChemSpider acquisition heralds a breakthrough investment for RSC and for the Chemistry Community

Dr Richard Pike

'Panda' report drives electric car subsidy

05 May 2009

Published statistics of electric car performance can be misleading to the casual reader, says Richard Pike

Welsh Assembly building from the outside

Science, health and government come together at Science and the Assembly

05 May 2009

Academics, industrialists and policy-makers in Wales will discuss the role science plays in health

SCORE logo

Science Community welcomes Rose Review of Primary Curriculum

01 May 2009

A joint statement from Science Community Partnership Representing Education (SCORE)