August 2010

Richard Pike, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Failing awarding bodies should face financial penalties

27 August 2010

A blighted GCSE exam-setting process systematically failing to challenge pupils should be open to financial penalties, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Boost in numbers taking GCSE separate sciences

24 August 2010

Increasing numbers of students are attracted by the creativity the sciences afford


RSC applauds chemistry A-level performance

19 August 2010

Greater than average numbers of A* grades means chemistry is attracting high calibre students

Richard Pike, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry

RSC enters debate over R&D funding

13 August 2010

Dr Richard Pike highlights a quartet of messages of extreme importance in a letter sent to Professor Adrian Smith

ChemSpider logo

RSC Chemspider and iChemLabs announce strategic partnership

10 August 2010

iChemLabs are integrating the ChemDoodle chemical drawing software with the ChemSpider database

Ruth Franklin

World's cleverest young chemist from Manchester

05 August 2010

Teenager Ruth Franklin takes the gold medal in the International Chemistry Olympiad

Old Beer

Oldest beer bottle winner announced

04 August 2010

A half decade unopened bottle of beer, carefully preserved by its owner, wins the RSC's latest competition

Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson iPad competition

03 August 2010

Find some amazing chemistry in your home, be creative and win an iPad