March 2010

Richard Pike, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Well-educated chemists for a safer society

31 March 2010

A letter to the Independent regarding its provocative 'Life' supplement's cover story

School laboratory

Practical science teaching software free to all state secondary schools

31 March 2010

RSC is supplying the Chemistry LabSkills software on free USB sticks


Soldiers' lives could be saved by health sensor in their pants

25 March 2010

Researchers integrated chemical sensors into briefs allowing constant monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate

Chewing gum art by Ben Wilson

Chewing gum artist sought

25 March 2010

RSC wants Ben Wilson to paint chemical elements in his trademark style

Big Ben

RSC seeks clarity on science in budget

25 March 2010

The Chancellor's Budget yesterday showed an acknowledgement of science's importance to the UK economy but does not back it up with the required funding

blue pills

UK lab reveals shocking mercury level in Lincoln's blue pills

22 March 2010

The RSC conducted the first sample analysis of the Victorian depression treatment blue mass

Genetic algorithm

Invaluable tool aids cancer diagnosis

22 March 2010

Prostate cancer could be easier to diagnose and treat in the future thanks to pioneering work from British scientists


Building linear polymers from monomers

22 March 2010

Scientists in the Netherlands have established a design for linear polymers based on monomer chains


Africa must listen to its scientists, says report for World Water Day

19 March 2010

We can surpass the Asian agricultural miracle,' says President Chissano

A pint of Guinness

Mystery solved: why Guinness bubbles go down

16 March 2010

Science answers this crucial question just in time for St Patrick's Day

Big Ben

Exclusion of independent science voices threatens UK

12 March 2010

The Government is ill-advised to seek budget advice only from science organisations it funds, says the RSC

Big Ben

Science and the General Election 2010

09 March 2010

Ministers and MPs will debate science policy tonight at the RSC-convened event in the House of Commons

Captain Scott, polar explorer

Snow hero winner revealed

04 March 2010

As the worst winter for decades finally loses its bite the RSC can name the winner of the snow heroes competition

Orange juice

Worrying levels of antimony found in popular fruit juices

01 March 2010

The potentially lethal toxin has been detected at concentrations up to 17 times higher than found in previous studies