August 2011

British chemist

Royal Society of Chemistry launches e-membership

30 August 2011

The RSC today launches e-membership, an all-inclusive way to access MyRSC, online RSC networks and an electronic version of Chemistry World.

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Letter to EPSRC on Shaping Capability funding programme

22 August 2011

RSC President David Phillips writes to David Delpy, EPSRC chief executive

Professor David Phillips

Royal Society of Chemistry President welcomes huge increase in number of chemistry A-levels

18 August 2011

David Phillips said the big rise in number of students studying chemistry A-level reflected teenagers' value of the subject.

RSC Advances

RSC Publishing launches first journal to feature topic modelling

10 August 2011

The first issue of RSC Publishing's new journal RSC Advances has been published online.


Manchester plaque to honour Rutherford, the atom pioneer

08 August 2011

The genius who revealed to the world the structure of the atom is honoured by the Royal Society of Chemistry in Manchester.

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EPSRC future research funding

03 August 2011

The RSC, and many in the chemical science community, have been responding to last week's announcement by the EPSRC about future research funding